A3GMunitions 30-06 Springfield 180gr Power Point Hunt & Stalk – 20 Round Box


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After a decade of testing different powders and bullets in many different 30-06s this is the best load we have found for the 180gr Winchester Power Point bullet.

We at A3GMunitions pride ourselves on being accuracy snobs, a ragged one-hole group is what excites us. Most of our pistol and 223 ammo is loaded in a semi-automated fashion but our bolt and lever gun rounds are all done by hand; this includes priming the brass, weighting the powder charge, seating the bullet, and in the case of cannalured bullets crimping the neck. This approach ensures that our ammunition is as accurate and consistent as it can be.

So what is “Match” rifle ammo? While there are many facets to what makes our ammo Match grade we put the intial emphasis on preparation of the brass cases. Each case is cleaned in tumbling media and then run through the roll-sizer to get the case head nice and tidy. After rolling the brass we tumble it again right before sizing, trimming to length and then lightly final sizing to ensure the neck tension is consistent and burrs are removed. Then off to the final clean which is a wet tumble to ensure we get even the primer pockets nice and clean. After the wet clean we actually dry our brass to ensure that not only are they thoroughly dry but they are not covered in water spots like some of the folks who just leave their brass baking in the sun. We then load the rounds using high quality American made primers, extremely accurate powder measures to charge the case and then seat the most appropriate projectile based on decades of loading and testing data. Finally we manually chamber gauge each round to ensure it is will fit even the tightest competition chamber. The result is an incredibly consistent round that works every time. Great in a bolt gun, lever-action or semi-auto platform. Please note, in some cases our brass was processed over a decade ago so occasionally what were nice shiny case have oxidized a little and have a little petina color. There is nothing wrong with this brass, it is a by product of storing it even though all of our components are stored in a climate controlled space.

One Box containing 20 rounds of first quality 30-06 Springfield ammo loaded with with 180gr Winchester Power Point bullets in once fired remanufactured cases.

Tested Velocity
22″ Barrel 2600 FPS

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