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As a reloader for over 35 years and a competitive shooter for more than 20 which Chronograph do I recommend? Well the answer is a little more complicated than that so here it is:

  • For Rifle work with precision rifles or any rifle that has to shoot MOA or better the answer is hands down the Oehler Research 35P.
  • For Rifle work during a quick range trip when I may not be the only one on the rifle range and cannot quickly and easily go downrange to set up my Chrono the MagnetoSpeed is perfect.
  • For all Handgun or Rifle work freehanded (not from a shooting bench) the best by a land slide is the Competition Electronics Pro Chrono Digital. It is small, light and easy to set up. In my experience, and trust me I have tried them all, this Chrono is the most consistent and easy to use of all chronographs out there.

This is a Yard Sale item and is lightly used. This is one of the best Chronographs available and is super easy to use. We will evven include a brand new battery!


  • 99 shot capacity
  • Review number of shots, average velocity, high and low velocity
  • Customize your system with optional accessories
  • Quality shot sensing design that is compatible with a wide variety of loads and light conditions

The ProChrono Digital accurately measures the velocity of almost anything that shoots at an economical price with its large shooting area and simple setup. Requires one 9 volt battery for operation. Everything is included for outdoor use.

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