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Another fantastic groundbreaking tool for the reloading bench for those of you processing lots of brass!

The brilliant engineers at have invented this automated decapper that will make your life much easier. This machine will take anything from 380 to 308 and decap it so that you can clean it once and get the primer pocket too! Now you can take that dirty grungy range brass and deprime and clean it before running it through those expensive automated presses!

PLEASE NOTE: This is the base unit only, you will need to add the drop tubes that you want separately. 

These are IN Stock and will ship from our Houston Warehouse directly to the customer.

Drop Tubes are here

Extra Pins are here

We recommend that you add 2 extra packs of pins so that you have plenty of spares.

The package comes with:

  • Motorized Base Unit with the FW Arms decapping die installed
  • Spare guide rod
  • PWM variable speed controller with speed control from 2,000 cases
    per hour to approx. 3,600 cases per hour
  • Spare self centering pegs and spring
  • 1 x spare guide rod, this is a non standard guide rod and is
    approximately 25 mm longer than a standard FW guide rod, spare are available from us if the need arises
  • 3 small pins (1 of which is installed on the supplied guide rod)
  • Instruction manual
  • Pistol shuttle and spring installed on the decapper die
  • Rifle Shuttle (shorter than the pistol shuttle) and a spring for the
    rifle shuttle
  • Feed hose (same as supplied with other rollsizers) with cable tie
    and Dillon feeder adapter clip
  • Discharge hose (same hose type) supplied loose for cutting to fit
    onto the discharge tubes mounted to the underside of the decapper body

Please Also NOTE:  The FW Arms die has a modified rod. Standard rods will not work. No other decapping die should be used with this machine. Only FW Arms small pins should be used to prevent case pull back.

This is a variable speed machine that runs between 2000 and 3600 cases per hour. It does not come with a case feeder but you can run a drop tube from your current press over to this machine or put a dedicated case feeder on it.

The Rollsizer Automatic Decapper removes spent primers and separates deprimed cases and primers quickly and safely. The decapper will process 380ACP up to 308Win with minor changes and the appropriate drop tube. The decapper uses the same drop tubes as used in the Rollsizers.

Order with a small pistol drop tube for:

  • 380acp
  • 9mm
  • 38super
  • 357Sig
  • 40S&W
  • 10mm

The large pistol tube is used for 41 caliber and larger pistol cases.

Order with Small rifle tube for 223/5.56

Order with Large rifle tube is for:

  • 30-30
  • 308
  • 6.5CM
  • 6CM
  • or any other caliber with a 308 parent case

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 16 in