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A3GMunitions was approached by a local Sherriff’s department who wanted their firearm instructors to be able to use their duty weapons while teaching classes but they needed a way to ensure that no live rounds could be introduced into the gun. You can teach a lot of the fundamentals with a blue or inert gun, but you can’t properly teach trigger control, tactical or speed reloads with a blue gun. A3GMunitions was excited to get the call and has designed these barrels to address this department’s specific need; we are able to offer them to the public as well as LE agencies.

Our design extends past the muzzle just enough that the color indicating that it is a training, inert barrel is highly visible. Great as a dry fire barrel or for instructor use when teaching fundamentals to new shooters. Pair them with orange basepads and dummy rounds for a visually obvious safety package. Muzzle end is drilled for use with retention holsters or other holsters that have a muzzle plug that goes in the end of the barrel. Our 9mm Barrels work with 40 and 357Sig in the same frame size so the Barrel for a GLOCK 34 fits a GLOCK 35 and GLOCK 19 fits the GLOCK 23 and 32 etc. These barrels have been tested with Gen1 to Gen4 GLOCKs at this time, they should work in a Gen5 gun but we have yet to try it.

These are made out of quality polymers and we currently have models for most standard frame GLOCKs with more models to come soon.
Available in bright safety orange and yellow.

These barrels are guaranteed to the original purchaser. If it ever breaks simply contact us for an RMA number and we will repair or replace it.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in

Orange, Yellow

Firearm Model

G34/G35, G17/G22/G31, G19/G23/G32