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Our VR Series MAG-PACK is what we feel most VR Series shotgun owners would want or need to accompany any of the VR Series shotguns. We have put together the package based on our own use of the shotgun in matches as well as the most common purchases by our customers; it is a good time to make sure you have those 19 round magazines that may become…scarce.

The MAG-Pack includes three 19 round magazines, one 9 round magazine and one A3GMunitions Mini Mag Loader. These magazines work with all the VR Series Shotguns as well as many other brands of MKA1919 style magazine fed shotguns.

PLEASE NOTE: the 19 round magazines will only feed 2 ¾ shells.

RIA imports VR Series magazines are constructed with a Steel magazine body for durability along with a chrome silicon magazine spring, other features include a polymer anti-tilt follower and base plate. These magazines will fit both the VR-60, the VR-60 plus, and VR-80 and the Bull Rocket bullpup shotgun (VRBP100).

These cannot ship to the following states: CA, CT, HI, MD, MA, NY, NJ, CO, VT, WA and Cook County, IL.

Of late we have had lots of orders from folks, primarily in NJ, playing a little game where they know the laws when we call them on the phone but they ordered illegal magazines anyway to see if we would just send them. Because every credit card charge and refund costs us money; as of January 23rd 2023 we will be charging a 5% surcharge for any magazine orders that have to be refunded because the buyer did not know their local laws or did not read this warning on our product pages. This list may change over time so PLEASE KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS before placing an order with us.

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