Rock Island Armory VR Series Replacement Compensator Screws


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I get calls all the time from people asking me “do you have replacement screws for the VR80 Compensator?” Well now I do! I have sourced the strongest cap head screws I can find to ensure that only the Hulk can break them off.

Please note, if you are using some cheap allen key to tighten them you may strip your Allen key so please make sure you are using a quality, correctly sized Allen key to tighten these and place a singe drop of oil on the shoulder of the bolt (underneath it) before screwing it in. I know one of my older videos says not to oil the screws but RIA has changed the finish on the newest Comps and it is easier to get them tightened with a drop of oil under the shoulder only, NOT on the threads.

These come two to a package.



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