Rock Island Armory VR80 10 Round Magazine


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This is an exclusive. We make a propietary modification to the 9 round RIA Magazine and it dependably and consistently holds 10 rounds and reliably feeds each one. This magazine will fit any shotgun that uses the RIA or 1919 magazine pattern including the Rock Island Imports VR80, VR60 and Bull Rocket.

This magazine is interchangeable with other RIA VR Shotgun Series.

This magazine is constructed with a Steel magazine body for durability along with a chrome silicon magazine spring, other features include a polymer anti-tilt follower and base plate. This magazine will fit both the VR-60, the VR-60 plus, and VR-80 along with the Bull Rocket bullpup shotgun.

This will not ship to states where it is illegal, please know your laws.

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Dimensions 16 × 10 × 4 in