SAFARILAND Model 771 Competition Magazine Pouch For GLOCK, H&K, Sig Sauer and S&W


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Used exclusively by Team A3GMunitions the SAFRILAND ELS belt and associated attachments provide maximum flexibilty and the ability to easily reconfigure you belt quickly without removing it.

Right-Handed (mounts on left side) STX Tactical Finish in Black with the ELS fork already mounted.

The Model 771 Open Front Magazine Pouch features two tensioning screws on the backside of the holder that allow adjustment on the middle and end of the magazine. Its open front design keeps the index finger from touching the holder during reload, assuring the fastest reload possible. The 771 is adjustable to any angle within a 90° range and the belt loop can also be ordered separately in two sizes: 1.5 in. (38 mm) and 2.25 in. (58 mm).

Right-handed shooters order right (draw hand) and wear on the left-hand side. Reload with the left hand. Left-handed shooters order left (draw hand) and wear on the right-hand side. Reload with the right hand.


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