Troy Industries 30 Round “Battle Mag” with Atlanta 3 Gun Logo


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Here is a product from Atlanta 3 Gun Enterprises, a sister company of ours. It is a Troy 30-round Battle Mag with the Atlanta 3 Gun logo laser etched into both sides. Because the logo is laser etched and not painted on it will never dull, peel or fade. All proceeds from the sale of these go to further the match activities of Atlanta 3 Gun.

The Troy BattleMag® is the best polymer magazine in the world – hands down. The BattleMag is engineered to function flawlessly with all M4, M16/AR15, HK416® and FN SCAR® rifles and carbines. An aggressive scale pattern provides the ultimate magazine grip in dirty or wet conditions. A bolstered floor plate is set flush to eliminate the BattleMag from catching on other magazines or creating unnecessary bulk when stacked or pulled from a pouch. The reinforced feed lips and anti-tilt follower do not require a clamp to keep the feed lips from spreading when kept loaded for extended periods of time. Made from improved Troy proprietary military-grade, chemical, biological and impact resistant polymer and extensively tested by Special Ops units, the Troy BattleMag outperforms all other polymer magazines in functionality and reliability. Includes a flush and shock absorbing extended floor plate lock – a $5 value.

Note: Only Available in Caliber 223/5.56.

These will not be shipped to CA, CO, CT, HI, MD, MA, NJ, NY, DC, VT

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