VR-80 Extended Handguards


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RIA Imports – Factory VR-Series Extended Forends. These are the same Handguards that come preinstalled on the VR80-A models. The Extended Handguards come in 4 different sytles:

  • VR80 Forend Assembly “S” Slots, Full Rail
  • VR80 Forend Assembly, Slots, Rear Rail
  • VR80 Forend Assembly, Holes, Front & Rear Rail
  • VR80 Forend Assembly, Slots, Full Rail

Each sold separately. **Please note that this product is for the VR80 and VR80-A only. **This product is made specifically for RIA VR-80. **To us a compensator or other muzzle device with this hand guard you will need the A3GMunitions Long Handguard Adapter.  **Proper gunsmith fitting required for accurate fit & safe function.

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S Slots Full Rail, Slots Rear Rail, Holes Front & Rear Rail, Slots Full Rail