VR-80 Extended Handguards


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RIA Imports – Factory VR-Series Extended Forends. These are the same Handguards that come preinstalled on the VR80-A models.

The Extended Handguards come in 4 different sytles:

  • VR80 Forend Assembly “S” Slots, Full Rail
  • VR80 Forend Assembly, Slots, Rear Rail
  • VR80 Forend Assembly, Holes, Front & Rear Rail
  • VR80 Forend Assembly, Slots, Full Rail

Each sold separately.

**Please note that this product is for the VR80 and VR80-A only.

**This product is made specifically for RIA VR-80.

** These Forends will not allow space for the short or long compensators as they are longer than the factory model. HOWEVER, A3GMunitions will be releasing an adapter that allows you to use these Handguards with a compensator!

**Proper gunsmith fitting required for accurate fit & safe function.

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S Slots Full Rail, Slots Rear Rail, Holes Front & Rear Rail, Slots Full Rail